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LON CAPA College Board mastering Physics Plus Webassign


LON CAPA is used specially by Canadian students. Its used basically for two purposes.

1. Home Work and Assignments

2. Online assessments.
Since the advent of internet and computers, gone are the days when print outs of Homework were given by the professors at the end of every class. They now use more sophisticated computer programs to assign homework. Such systems are also used for timely evaluation of the students through online tests. Such tests can be taken by the students at their home itself. LON CAPA is one of the platforms which are very widely used for this purpose. Some other platforms of notable importance are
1. Mastering Physics platform.
2. Wiley Plus platform.

Students generally have a hard time solving LON CAPA problems. A majority of Physics professors ask some heart breaking problems to frustrate them. A majority of the problems are so difficult that they require a physics genius to solve them. One needs to have an excellent knowledge and crystal clear concept to solve these problems.

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