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LON CAPA College Board mastering Physics Plus Webassign

We provide the following tutoring services for College grade Physics including but not limited to—: NYA, NYB, and NYC, also known as Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism, and Waves & Optics! AP Physics!

Help with Online CAPA, Problem Sets,, Wiley Assignments— and any assignment you might have. We're here to help you think, really get you involved in the question, and set the bar HIGHER, A+.

Stuck on some super tough Physics, seeking help from a buddy?

We provide help for all your Physics courses beyond the 100 level, that's right! We have an excellent team of In-House tutors. All tutors are experts, so get a buddy NOW and start saving Time. At My Physics Buddy you work one-to-one as a team. We help you approach every kind of problem and give you the wings so you can fly away solo!

We believe tutoring should be affordable— and therefore we work hard to make the COST of tutoring at My Physics Buddy extremely affordable. Need help? We have a superb customer care team here to help you Get Started and stay on top of your stuff. No hidden fees, No Contracts, we created hourly packages to suit the best of your needs. One classroom, one whiteboard, a crystal clear diagram and assistance along the way!


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