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Pankaj Kumar Co-founder and Head Engineer Tutor

I am a former Marine Engineer who worked on-board merchant ships for about three years. It was my extreme passion towards Physics that drove me to teach students. For the past five years I have dedicated myself to the education field. I devoted myself to sharing my wisdom in physics to students who needed help. I love to help students who find physics a hard nut to crack! I co-founded this website on the basis of offering my skills to students not only in India but everywhere in the world. Inspired by Mr. Salman Khan's efforts and his online academy itself - (, I was moved by online education. It took seven months of back and forth emails with a partner halfway across the world. We did it and today I find myself as an online tutor to students across the globe. I am known among my tutees as the Physics Guru.


Anthony Khoury Co-founder


It's really just the story of a genius tutor and his star student which led to the founding of this website. Now, he is not just any tutor, engineer Kumar is a Physics genius! I would log onto Skype, he would tell me, Anthony I'm helping three other students at the same time but send me the question you're stuck on. Thirty seconds later, he would know exactly where I was stuck and he helped me solve the problem. In front of my eyes, on an online whiteboard, he would be showing me the steps I needed. He filled the gaps in my knowledge and with his help I was able to supplement my classroom lectures. I appreciated the science once I saw where I was going wrong, and I was able to think differently on the following questions myself. Together we built the online tutoring website because we had a dream, to get every student un-stuck with physics. So here it is the only tutoring website specialized in physics on the internet. We're saving one physics student at a time! A big thank you to my dad, who was a great business mentor. Anthony no longer works for myphysicsbuddy. He is currently working full time on international projects with a group of investors in his field.


Jason Dinsmore Ph.D. Organic Chemist tutoring through Skype

Looking for Organic Chemistry Help? Truth be told, a guru in Physics just can't help you with your Chemistry problems. When you didn't think it could get any better to online physics tutoring, well it just did. He calls himself the Organic Chemist On Call, we say he is a Chemist Genius! He is saving one chemistry student at a time on Skype, simply add him on Skype (ID: organicchemistoncall) and give him a Skype call. Jason also blogs at He does not work for myphysicsbuddy but he is a blessing to Organic students, we're rating him Five-stars and we're sending anyone who needs help in Organic straight to him, Cheers!


Faizan Khan


Hey there keen science students, I know what you're thinking, how is this website going to help me in my physics courses when my professor can't even help me himself? Well...think about it this way, "How much better would you feel if you score an A on the colossal midterm your professor wrote, enjoying the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction simply because you received a bit of help?" What feels better than acing your midterm. You tell me guys...Not much, besides a date with Albert Einstein! To be completely honest, you're wasting your time finding a tutor. If there were any tutors I would trust for help, it would be the sharp engineers who are online around the clock. What I can tell you is that not only will they help supplement your lectures, but you will create a lasting friendship with them and you will acquire great connections through our online community. Remember, if physics isn't as simple as understanding the latest research on quantum mechanics for nanoscience, then you need our help. I can say that myphysicsbuddy means a lot to those who are actually discovering it.


Joey Gedeon


I had always dreamed of becoming a journalist as I grew up. Having successfully completed Pre-University and moving into my career path training, I can say that I am on the verge of realizing my dream. I was able to unite with Anthony and Faizan at a young age in elementary school, essentially forming a bond to create and work together effectively, as a team. Additionally, obtaining my DEC from John Abbott College has given me practical experience as well as the ability to write and present material proficiently. As the team progresses, so do our dreams, so join us as we demonstrate how bright our future scholars will be!


Tahir Yusufaly Ph.D. in Physics


I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in theoretical and computational biophysics at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. In addition to my research, I am tremendously passionate about teaching and tutoring physics, and mathematics and science in general, at all levels. I am a big believer in active learning, and truly feel that the only way to really master math and science concepts is through practice in independent problem solving. With this in mind, I tailor my tutoring individually to each student, in order to focus on specific areas of strength and weakness. Looking forward to helping you at .