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Most of the colleges or CEGEPS in Quebec, Canada follow a strict sequence of Physics courses taken over three semesters. Namely, the rigorous Physics NYA - Mechanics, the dreaded and most failed course Physics NYB - Electricity and Magnetism, and lastly Physics NYC, also known as Waves and Optics. The difficulty level of questions asked varies from one college to another but most importantly from one student to another.

To most of the students though these Physics courses are nightmares! A majority of the students are not able to follow what is being taught in the class with their different physics backgrounds. When they are given the problem sets and LON CAPA assignments they seek help. A few give up, and the rest make their way through endless blank paper. Tutors for these subjects are very hard to find and professors are helpful when it comes to lecture material only. Even if you find a tutor, they are costly and to meet them in person is even more costly, go green! These tutors or professors will probably not come to your rescue at midnight. How can you save money, and get you're a** saved at midnight? employs not tutors but physics geniuses (former engineers), who have a vast experience in teaching these courses. Whether it is a gap in your knowledge or if you have been stuck on the same problem for the past hour, they are one click away. Effective and fast, they are like Chess prodigies but in Physics.

I remember the night where I wasn't going to sleep until that Electricity and Magnetism physics problem on my LON CAPA assignment was solved. I tried it for several hours, it has been several days and I still could not find the right answer. Well if you log onto myphysicsbuddy one of our prodigies will point you in the right direction, stop wasting time. Learn it right and supplement your lecture material! Online you will work together, with a click. So it's -30 degrees centigrade outside, and you're getting help online, and the best part is you are kicking a** now! With a bit of a confidence boost your problem is solved. Hey, wait a second. You did not get a particular step in your solution while working away on the whiteboard together? Take a minute or two, or five, but I guarantee you when you and the tutor are done you will understand every step. No more sleepless nights Kudos to online Physics tutoring at Take advantage of it!